Environmental Audit

We offer a full environmental audit to assess the environmental credentials of the factories you work with, to ensure that national and international regulations are being met.
Our tool meets the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP) requirements (a business-driven program for companies that want to deliver a shared sustainable approach for the continuous improvement of factories). Our audit portfolio consists of two parts:
•    A full environmental audit, which is a sharp analysis and corrective action plan, adapted to manufacturers that need to measure their commitment to the environment
•    A faster, less expensive, yet still accurate audit, taking up to two days, adapted to retailers or importers who need a clear picture of the factories they are working with.
Our audit program focuses on eleven elements of environmental management:
•    Your environmental management system
•    Energy use, transport and greenhouse gases
•    Water use
•    Wastewater/effluent
•    Emissions
•    Waste management
•    Pollution prevention/hazardous and potentially hazardous substances
•    Major incident prevention and management
•    Contaminated land/soil and groundwater pollution prevention
•    Land use and biodiversity